we make cocktails in bottles
using fresh ingredients,
deliver them to your doorstep cold,
so all you have to do is grab a few cups
and start pouring.
We Mix. We Deliver. You Pour.

Pick your drink
Cinnamon Sangria
The classic go-to wine punch made famous by the Spanish, macerated in an abundance of fruits and a cinnamon bark for extra depth. Perfect for the all-year round summer in this sunny island. Best enjoyed around good company and laughter.
Lemongrass Cosmo
The go-to drink to beat the heat — think fun, floral and citrusy notes. Add that with a twist of lemongrass as the main star. Keep it chic and sassy and impress your guests with our dehydrated garnishes.
Summer Negroni
The legendary aperitif made up of 3 premium ingredients. Enjoy this bittersweet concoction with a touch of strawberry puree and orange zest to bring out the full flavours of this classic.

Also available in classic.
Old Fashioned
Few cocktails are classier than an Old Fashioned. The classic is made up of your favourite whiskey, a few dashes of bitters, lightly sweetened with sugar and garnished with an orange zest twist. The perfect balance for the perfect night out.

A professional bartender is just a call away for your next event.
We will serve your cocktails, so you and your guests can enjoy
the party, fuss-free. From corporate events to wedding receptions,
50 pax or 500 pax strong, we’ll bring the bar to your party!

It’s your event, let us do the rest.


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